The designers have been styling their collections with anything but shy and retiring accessories this year and in particular, the earrings are certainly not for the faint hearted and that’s A-OK with me!    

From swishy, clavicle sweeping tassels that make you want to dance and toss your hair and pretty posies on the left and a rose bud on the right…to giant parrots and plastic fluorescent garlands. Wear one, two, or as many as your ears can carry.


Black and gold, Marni; khaki floral Johanna Ortiz; One oversized flower, Ellie Saab; asymmetrical mismatched hoops, Daniela Salcedo; Parrot from Stella Jean; Gold Tassels at Dsquared; Pink garlands, Delpozo; and white and gold odd floral posy from Marni.



Make like Jimi Hendrix and throw on a long silky scarf like one of these these beauties from Rockins (already beloved of Kate Moss & Sienna Miller to mention but two) and you will instantly look, feel and make beautiful music like your rock n roll idols. OK that last bit probably isn’t true, but there’s no simpler way to channel Keith Richards, Patti Smith or Stevie Nicks than with a extra long, luxurious and completely superfluous scarf.     Pair one of these babies with a velvet blazer, Converse Chuck Taylors and some tight pants come fall and you’re ready to roll.



Fur trimmed Crocs anyone? Be afraid, be very afraid – or, embrace the madness and while you wait until Winter for yours, dive feet first into some rock encrusted, totally bananas Christopher Kane Crocs!

What are they staring at Debbie? I’m not sure Marcia, do you think our side partings are a bit much?  Clockwise from left: Christopher Kane Crocs; Red Miu Miu cult pearl embellished pool slides that have had the editors going wild; Fun in the sun, beachy themed sandals from Dolce & Gabanna.



Life’s a picnic! And no fashionista’s summer wardrobe is complete without a structured basket bag this year. And if it does actually get too hot for your rockstar scarf, tie a funky bow to your basket – they are a perfect pairing. Salvatore Ferragamo (Bottom left) may have started it, but there is no let up and seeming no rules on the size either. From mini football shapes on long chains, to giant french market bags which will serve you all year round and save on plastic shopping bags too – extra points!



I realised that none of my earrings are quite big enough – so until my new internet shopping haul arrives, I made a quick pair myself and had my friend model them. Really they were so simple and took less that thirty minutes, so if you want to try yourself, just follow my instructions.



A length of fabric – I cut off the sleeve of an old Indian shirt (it’s much nicer now too)

Two large beads

Earring Hooks

Two buttons

Embroidery thread

Scissors to trim (if you like)


  1. Tear the fabric into strips of the same length and divide into two even piles, saving two strips for tying later. Don’t take too much time over this – the more frayed and shredded the better I think.
  2. Arrange each of the piles into a loose ‘star’ shape, overlapping each strip at the centre.
  3. Tie the thread to the button securely, then stitch through the button and star at the centre.
  4. Do this a few times, then feed the needle and thread all the way through the big bead, then the small loop on the earring hook and then all the way back through, to connect all of the pieces and tie a nice secure knot on the underside of the bundle.
  5. Hold the earring up and let the strips fall down over the button, then tie the spare strip around the whole bundle with a couple of double knots. I added a TINY bit of superglue to keep this in place.
  6. Trim off the bottom to neaten it up if you like (but in hindsight, I wish I’d made mine longer and messier).
  7. Wear it on it’s own or make a matching partner!


Nice big red bonkers earrings (so 2017!) and I’m already looking at other things to tear up to make longer ones!